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Managing AWS the right way - Part 1

If you are new to AWS or even if you are running it for a long time, you probably have just one account holding all your resources, and I bet you asked yourself at least once if there is any way to better organize your resources, manage their access and split your billing through your company cost structure.

Maybe you already manage multiple independent accounts and from time to time has to apply all the security and other good best practices you have just found around on all accounts to have them all standardized.

If you catched yourself answering yes for any of these, you are not alone, actually you probably are part of the majority part of AWS consumers, and this is not exactly your fault.

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Openshift - LDAP Auth

I’m posting my experience with configuring LDAP and Active Directory Authentication since it took to me a few hours to understand how it works on Openshift / OKD and how I may debug it. First things first, it’s best to use a Standalone Master or even Minishift to do all the steps and get to a working config you may use in your HA Cluster. Having it said, let’s get hands dirty.

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